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Saturday, 2 February 2019

We The Indians

We Indians have big dreams, infact huge dreams.
Ask any person either it's a small kid or old man, what's their dream. They'll come up with unbelievable answers. Even though they dream huge, they settle for everything that's in the middle.
IC to rightful owner

I know, now your question is why do they settle? 
We Indians have a mindset which has been carried as a burden from I don't know how many years, at-least I have heard that from the day I'm born.
That mindset is- if I do this "what will the people think", " how will the society react", "society will not accept it", "will I be criticized", " I might get traumatized" and the list just goes on.....

Are all these questions really required?
Is this mindset helping you in any manner?

Who is the society? 
We people are the society, in other words I am the society, you are the society. 
Without even trying to achieve your goals or living your dreams, why do you say society will not accept? 
IC to rightful owner

You are the society, Live your dreams for you.

Influence the people with your dreams and I assure you every hard-work is appreciated today or tomorrow. 
There are many scientists, poets, artists whose work was appreciated after their death, their work made them immortal.
And even if it's not appreciated, you would at-least be satisfied that you tried to work on your dreams, you lived the life you wanted, you achieved the goals you had set.
Isn't that feeling wonderful? 
Don't you want that feeling on the day you say good-bye to this world? 
I'm sure you want it, as I do.
Cut the cliche 
What's yours is yours
Make it yours.


Saturday, 9 December 2017

A Compelling Sentiment

Yes, It is better to live with "Oh,Shit!" than with "What if?" 


A compelling sentiment voiced by me and most of the people is that when life draws to a close, we would prefer to be able to count our regrets on our fingers instead of living in the shadow of what could have happened if we had pursued our passions.