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Monday, 29 July 2019


YOU Have Come Here To Live

So, Live

If YOU Really Wanted To Go To Heaven, Go Today
Why Are YOU Postponing It?

We Are Often Worried About The Climate Of This World,
But Never Care About Our Inner Climate.

World Is Not Happening YOUR Way? It's OK
You Are Not Happening YOUR Way Is A Problem.

And When YOU Become YOU Again,
Everything Will Fall Onto It's Knees.

Nobody Is Like YOU On This Planet,


Don't Look For Sameness.
YOU Are Unique!

And If Someone Love's YOU, 
They Will Be YOUR Peace,
Not YOUR Problem.

All YOU Have To Do Is:

From YOU

Maybe Not Now But Lately,
YOU will Realize It.
Yes, YOU Are YOUR Own Rescue.

YOU Have Come This Far,
YOU Can't Give Up Now.

Learn To Let Go And Be The Whole
All At The Same Time 
And The Things Would Change, Since Then.


Tuesday, 9 July 2019


In this wide world, especially in the corporate world, you don't really have to have crush on someone or lo8ve someone for your name to be linked with someone else.

Compliment someone when they wear something nice,
Praise someone for doing something good,
Smile while talking to someone,
Be someone's friend,
Or just take some professional help



Your name is linked to that person no matter you approve of it or not.

Thank God atleast these guys are not working in marriage bureaus
Nahi toh sabki zabardasti shadi hojati 
Aur toh aur qubool hai bhi yehi log boldete.


Wednesday, 27 February 2019



So many 

So same

Some amazing 

Some lame

Few sensitive

Few brave

They ask you to follow the trend

Or you are at shame

Few had to leave 

Few have just came

Some overrated

Some deserving the fame

So many

So same


Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Marriage or Torture

Girl is born, people talk about her marriage,

She learns to speak, people talk about her marriage.

Girl does a mistake, they say girl you got no rights,
She likes something, oh no you got no rights.

You don't belong here, you belong to some other home.
You can't live like this, you belong to someone else.
You can't have your own choices, you belong to someone else.

Attain maturity, peace ends.
Finish studies, peace ends.
Have a good job, peace ends.
Wow, you are a Boss-girl with vision but still your peace ends.

Constant torture 
Constant torture 
Constant torture 

Back in the days it was instant death at birth,
Now they have a slow poisoning style.

Say no to marriage, you are spoiled brat.
Say no to marriage, you are disobeying parents.
Say no to marriage, you are characterless.
Say no to marriage, you are sleeping with someone else.

I say yes to my dreams,
I say yes to my thoughts,
I say yes to my freedom to live,
I say yes to my feelings,
I say yes to me.

No, I'm not disrespecting my parents, I'm respecting me,
Keep on torturing, 
Keep on burning me,
Keep on telling I am bad for living it my way.

I say no to your thoughts,
I say no to your marriage idea,
I say no to your torture,
I say no to this world.

And probably, yes to my death.


Saturday, 5 January 2019

Blood Sweat Body

Blood Sweat Body

I want to reassure you that you can do it. 
I want you to reassure you that you can make the decisions.
I want to reassure you that no matter what the night, no matter what the storm, no matter what the difficulty, there isn't anybody here that can't figure it out, find some things to do, 
one step at a time? Yes. 
Minute at a time? Yes. 
A day at a time? Yes. 
A week at a time? Yes. 
But there isn't anything you can't walk away from. 
There isn't any challenge you can't overcome.
I want you to have that kind of belief in yourself.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

I Tried To Tell

I tried to tell,
I was sick but not physically.
The pricks, the cuts, the cotton balls soaking blood wasn't painful,
Painful was the thing in my mind.
I was sick there,
I wanted to be rescued, and they did try to rescue me 
But they dint diagnose me right.
It wasn't the physical pain which was killing me, it was the mind, the soul, the heart,
I wanted to be healed,
I still want to
But no one prioritized the mental health, not even so called doctors-
My heart palpated like its in a race 
My breath wanted to stop at once 
My eyes were blur
My legs were trembling
My brain felt like there is some insect roaming around in it
My legs had no strength 
My spinal cord felt broken
Yes, I was terribly sick but not physically.
I wanted to be healed,
I tried to tell.

Monday, 25 June 2018



Sometimes you will have to remove yourself from peoples lives without goodbyes. No, that is not cowardice, but rather the bravest step you are taking.

Saturday, 9 December 2017

A Compelling Sentiment

Yes, It is better to live with "Oh,Shit!" than with "What if?" 


A compelling sentiment voiced by me and most of the people is that when life draws to a close, we would prefer to be able to count our regrets on our fingers instead of living in the shadow of what could have happened if we had pursued our passions.



Friday, 20 October 2017

Moment Of Truth !

The truth is we all have moments in life where the expectations doesn't meet the reality,it doesn't fit with what actually happens.Sometimes what actually happens is biggest disappoint or the biggest heartbreak and it kills us like at that moment it sucks.

let's be an optimist

And here's a thing don't let anyone tell you that it doesn't suck. Don't let anyone tell you to go live that moment and it doesn't hurt because it does. People will tell you it doesn't hurt, they say you'll be fine as it's a part of life and it will heal with time. They'll tell you different things that are designed to make you feel better but ultimately your brain is smart and it knows that you're feeling pain right now. 

Now the pain is there for a reason but here's what we have to realize, Pain itself is not an evil. Feeling pain when things don't go your way in your love life or family or work ,that pain is okie to feel, that means you are human and if you don't feel any pain that's a bad sign because when you are not feeling pain that means you have numbed yourself .