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Thursday, 6 August 2020

No Lumps In My Drink

The Come Up by Tasmiya
Stir and Stir and Stir

While stirring my daily dose of proteins with water I often have multiple thoughts running in my mind.

Today it was about how much we stir or shake the powder with water to get the perfect drink without a single lump but when it comes to life, we stress about every single difficulty so much that we fear taking up new challenges and risks.

We work for hours just to get our eyebrows on fleek, lipstick perfectly applied within the lines and so on
 I wonder when we can spend such amount of time making the smallest things perfect, why don't we work on the difficulties that actually matter.

As they say "Dar k aage jeet hai", it just takes a slight determination to put all the fear and stress behind and achieve the purpose.

Anyone can say anything in theory but what matters is how good you are at practicals.


Tuesday, 9 July 2019


In this wide world, especially in the corporate world, you don't really have to have crush on someone or lo8ve someone for your name to be linked with someone else.

Compliment someone when they wear something nice,
Praise someone for doing something good,
Smile while talking to someone,
Be someone's friend,
Or just take some professional help



Your name is linked to that person no matter you approve of it or not.

Thank God atleast these guys are not working in marriage bureaus
Nahi toh sabki zabardasti shadi hojati 
Aur toh aur qubool hai bhi yehi log boldete.


Monday, 24 June 2019

Honesty And Authenticity


None of us are perfect


That's the fact

Every person has his own kinda flaws, we all do mistakes.

But what I believe in is atleast, ATLEAST making an effort to be on the positive side of the being.

In the world where people believe that being HONEST and AUTHENTIC is so outdated and If someone follow it, they say "you are so overrated as a human", let's be a little extra as they say it to be and try being honest and nice with each-other.

Now, speaking about these two adjectives or adverbs (however you take'em to be)-

 it takes least amount of effort to be "free of deceit, truthful and sincere" (as Google dictionary describes Honesty) BUT we often tend to flip on the untrue or illusory side of our being. We find it easy to fake or lubricate the stuff up and present it, which might actually benefit you for the moment. But will it benefit you in the long run?

There is this weird kinda belief in mortals of today's generation(should I actually mention generation? because this belief can be sensed in all the generations) that you cannot have a rapid growth in your career if you be honest or authentic (genuine), there is this misconception that if you are trying to impress your authorities with pleasing things more than your work, you get promoted easily and quick. 
But let's state the fact that "India is adding about 13 million new workers every year to its labor pool" and you never know when your so called "authorities" are getting down the throne, do you still wanna impress them?

Think about it because at the end of the day your metrics speak for you and no one else.

Wednesday, 27 February 2019



So many 

So same

Some amazing 

Some lame

Few sensitive

Few brave

They ask you to follow the trend

Or you are at shame

Few had to leave 

Few have just came

Some overrated

Some deserving the fame

So many

So same


Saturday, 2 February 2019

We The Indians

We Indians have big dreams, infact huge dreams.
Ask any person either it's a small kid or old man, what's their dream. They'll come up with unbelievable answers. Even though they dream huge, they settle for everything that's in the middle.
IC to rightful owner

I know, now your question is why do they settle? 
We Indians have a mindset which has been carried as a burden from I don't know how many years, at-least I have heard that from the day I'm born.
That mindset is- if I do this "what will the people think", " how will the society react", "society will not accept it", "will I be criticized", " I might get traumatized" and the list just goes on.....

Are all these questions really required?
Is this mindset helping you in any manner?

Who is the society? 
We people are the society, in other words I am the society, you are the society. 
Without even trying to achieve your goals or living your dreams, why do you say society will not accept? 
IC to rightful owner

You are the society, Live your dreams for you.

Influence the people with your dreams and I assure you every hard-work is appreciated today or tomorrow. 
There are many scientists, poets, artists whose work was appreciated after their death, their work made them immortal.
And even if it's not appreciated, you would at-least be satisfied that you tried to work on your dreams, you lived the life you wanted, you achieved the goals you had set.
Isn't that feeling wonderful? 
Don't you want that feeling on the day you say good-bye to this world? 
I'm sure you want it, as I do.
Cut the cliche 
What's yours is yours
Make it yours.


Saturday, 5 January 2019

Blood Sweat Body

Blood Sweat Body

I want to reassure you that you can do it. 
I want you to reassure you that you can make the decisions.
I want to reassure you that no matter what the night, no matter what the storm, no matter what the difficulty, there isn't anybody here that can't figure it out, find some things to do, 
one step at a time? Yes. 
Minute at a time? Yes. 
A day at a time? Yes. 
A week at a time? Yes. 
But there isn't anything you can't walk away from. 
There isn't any challenge you can't overcome.
I want you to have that kind of belief in yourself.

Monday, 25 June 2018



Sometimes you will have to remove yourself from peoples lives without goodbyes. No, that is not cowardice, but rather the bravest step you are taking.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Double Chin And Proud

Double chin and Proud
It's the end of 2k17 but still People often take it as an authority to comment on a woman's looks. 

They feel as if they are a privileged judge of a beauty pageant where in all the models are walking to be judged on the basis of their looks, walking style, talking style, the way they smile, blah,blah,blah........

But these people often forget that someone might be judging them too because no one is mathematically perfect.

I believe being imperfect is perfectly alright because we all are perfect with all our imperfections. 

I know, I know we all get to hear many taunts on the day-to-day basis, like for example :

The most famous dialogue : "She looks so fat" 💁

Then comes this one : "Why does she dress like that?"🙎

And this : "I see a strand of white hair"

"Yuck! what is that double chin"

"She needs a nose job"

"I'm sure she lies about eating too much" 

"Stop using filters, be real"

"too much makeup"

list just goes on and on but this one is my personal favorite among the things that I have personally heard :

"How do her parents allow her to wear this?"

Yaar, my parents are cool. They love me as a person and are not crackpots to judge me on the basis of my height, weight, behavior and dressing style. 

Well the haters will always hate, criticism is always good for the betterment of the person who is being criticized. So, lets take that 

Now when someone clout that I am double-chinned, I rap back and say "I'm triple-chinned actually, you din't see sharp.

Yes, I have made peace with the way I look, long time ago. It's time you do too

Never Let A Scale Define You Or Someone Else

I'm Not You, You Are Not Me,

 I'm Not Her, And She's Not You.

"Stop body-shaming"

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

WW 2018 || Woman's Wings || Article

I am sure all of you have been told that you don't have what it takes and that you may not be good enough and you don't have enough people supporting you.


Friday, 20 October 2017

Moment Of Truth !

The truth is we all have moments in life where the expectations doesn't meet the reality,it doesn't fit with what actually happens.Sometimes what actually happens is biggest disappoint or the biggest heartbreak and it kills us like at that moment it sucks.

let's be an optimist

And here's a thing don't let anyone tell you that it doesn't suck. Don't let anyone tell you to go live that moment and it doesn't hurt because it does. People will tell you it doesn't hurt, they say you'll be fine as it's a part of life and it will heal with time. They'll tell you different things that are designed to make you feel better but ultimately your brain is smart and it knows that you're feeling pain right now. 

Now the pain is there for a reason but here's what we have to realize, Pain itself is not an evil. Feeling pain when things don't go your way in your love life or family or work ,that pain is okie to feel, that means you are human and if you don't feel any pain that's a bad sign because when you are not feeling pain that means you have numbed yourself . 

Discover My Soul

I dont wanna die

I want to die because that's what feels right to me at this moment.

I know I am not going to have a natural death immediately,I'll have to help myself to reach death.

I would cut myself because that pain would be better than the mental pain.

I would hang myself because that would release me from my mental trauma.

I would drown myself into the water because that might calm down my soul.

Yes, there are many ways by which I can end up this life. Which 1 shall I choose?

But wait do I really want to punish myself by killing ?

Is that the only solution ?

Overcome,Be proud

Self Harm........ 

I cut myself not to feel pain but to see myself bleed. Something about it makes me feel better...

 I'm scared i'll be judged if people see my scares from when I cut myself , I wear jeans all the times....

 Yes, I self-harm. No, am not attention-seeking And no I don't want to die. It's the only pain I have control over. That's why I do it .......

 I self-harm but i'm ashamed of it.So I come up with excuses to tell people when they ask......

 I get so tired of trying to hide my self-harm scars, but I don't want them to go away...............

Sunday, 6 August 2017

You Deserve To Feel Seen.

“Just because someone used to be an important part of your life doesn’t mean you have to continue to cling to the friendship when it begins to die. Your relationship was once something beautiful and fulfilling, and that’s a wonderful thing. But at a certain point, no amount of watering and nurturing will bring it back to full bloom. The fact that its deteriorated doesn’t mean you’re incapable of sustaining meaningful friendships. It doesn’t mean you’re not worth the time and effort it takes to maintain a connection. And it isn’t any sort of evidence that you’re a burden or a bad friend. It just means that the relationship has run its course. It means that you’ve evolved into different people or moved apart or just lost each other in the clutter and preoccupation of life’s everyday demands. But it isn’t a reflection on your value as a person and friend.