Friday, 20 October 2017

Who Are You ??


you are beautiful
If I could meet myself 20 yrs ago, what would I say to "lil me"?

" Gossip less,Study more"?

Or, "don't cry if you come second in competition"

Or, May be,

"You have no idea what all amazing things will happen in your life"


Maybe just,two words. "You're Beautiful"

You're eyes , they're beautiful ! yes they are not black or blue like the lyrics of stupid romantic songs. Have you noticed ? they are beautiful as they are .

You're Hair, Messy,Untidy,and far more stubborn than you are. Don't straighten out those knots, they make you beautiful.

You're Body is beautiful. It will change, it will be moody, and will allow you so many moments to "let go". Live those moments.

No Height is ever "short", only perspectives are.

Color of your Skin is not like a shade card,choosing which happiness will arrive.

Your crooked Feet,

Teeth that would scare a dentist,

Laughter that wakes up everyone,

And every habit of yours , they're all Beautiful.
When you grow up people will say, "You're not well-behaved Indian girl".
First ask these people to define "well-behaved", or "Indian", or "Girl".

When you grow older,so will the rules. Understand when to silently break them.
The world will say, look like this.Be this,Say that,Become this. 
Once try doing that which scares you, Don't rent out phases of your life to the judgement of others.

This is your life,only you have to live it.So, never stop believing that you are beautiful.Perhaps today you may not know that you are but one day surrounded by old books, that day will come when you find yourself beautiful !!!! :)