Friday, 20 October 2017

Discover My Soul

I dont wanna die

I want to die because that's what feels right to me at this moment.

I know I am not going to have a natural death immediately,I'll have to help myself to reach death.

I would cut myself because that pain would be better than the mental pain.

I would hang myself because that would release me from my mental trauma.

I would drown myself into the water because that might calm down my soul.

Yes, there are many ways by which I can end up this life. Which 1 shall I choose?

But wait do I really want to punish myself by killing ?

Is that the only solution ?

If I have to punish myself, if punishing is the solution then let's punish myself by staying alive.

Let's punish myself by staying strong.

Let's punish myself by facing the traumatic condition.

Let's punish myself by overcoming the situation..

Let's turn this punishment into an opportunity to discover the inner me.

Discover what I am capable of.

Discover my strength.

Discover my inner beauty.

Discover my inner peace.

Discover my soul.

As the Soul being the most beautiful thing ever .........